About Us

In 1993 I started as a part-time bartender at Stooges Comedy Club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Within a few months I was the bar manager and a few months later, I was the general manager. Four years later I opened Laugh Lines Comedy Club in Madison, Wisconsin. Three years later and kind of a long complicated story later, I started booking big named comics into theaters in Madison. A few years later I got married, left Madison and moved to Minnesota. Now I am back! 

So why am I back...

I feel like the booking equation has always been messed up. Traditionally, it has been booker first, club second, and I don't know, there is supposed to be another part here....Oh, Yeah, the comics. Anybody who has ever worked for me, knows I am a friend to the comic. That was the whole reason I opened Laugh Lines in the first place. I felt that most clubs did not treat comics properly and that is why I am back and in the booking game.

So what is HaHaTickets...

What better way to get you excited about a show. HaHaTickets allows you to book in advance, print the tickets, hide them and then bring them out as a gift, date night, or just a good comical time. No easier way than to be able to do it all online. 

We hope you enjoy my story and cannot wait to see you at our next show.


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