Refund Policy

HaHaTickets.com (Laugh Lines, LLC) is here to make your comic adventures come true. Yet, sometimes things happen...

Canceled or Rescheduled Events

In either case,  we will send an email to the address we have on file at the time of your booking. At anytime we can be reached at (651) 528-8454.

Canceled Events - If your event was canceled, in most cases you won't need to do a thing: we'll inform you of the cancellation and refund the amount you paid for your tickets, including all fees (except UPS and retail pickup) on the same payment method used for purchase.

Rescheduled Events - If your event was rescheduled, we'll contact you with the new date and time ASAP. Can't make it? The decision to issue refunds for rescheduled/postponed events is up to the individual artist, team, or venue, but we'll do everything we can to help! Just click here to contact us.

Replacement Tickets

If your tickets are lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, please contact us.

For damaged or destroyed E-Tickets (print-at-home), just print again from the link in your confirmation email.

Refunds and Exchanges

All tickets for events are no refunds or exchanges unless listed above.

If you ever want to have your own personal show for your company or hotel think contact us!


HaHaTickets.com is the premier source for your Comic ticketing needs for Laugh Lines Comedy. All ticket sales are final unless show is canceled or rescheduled. For more information view our Ticket Policy and at anytime you can also check out our Privacy Policy.

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